12 Gift ideas: The Wide World of YA

Yesterday we suggested our Young Reader’s Book Club subscriptions for the 12-and-unders on your list, but don’t forget about the older kids! We have all the hot new Young Adult fiction and classic titles. We can also recommend titles from throughout the store that would be appropriate for older teens, whether their interests lie in romantic fiction, science writing, essays, or more. Teen readers may be more independent and particular in their reading tastes, but that doesn’t stump us–let a bookseller find the perfect match for your high school aged reader!


Great choices from the young adult literature section, pictured:


Realistic Fiction

  • Beetle Boy, $8.99
    Charlie’s childhood was…let’s just say weird.
  • No One Else Can Have You, $4.99
    Fargo meets hotdish meets Juno.
  • Fangirl, $9.89
    Twins! Awkward roommate interactions! Fan fiction about a fictional series that is definitely not Harry Potter!
  • I’ll Give You the Sun, $9.89
    First love, family, loss, and betrayal told from different points in time and from different characters. (Also twins!)
  • Not If I See You First, $5.99
    Parker may be blind, but she can still see right through you.
  • Pride, $16.19
    A remixed Pride & Prejudice set in a rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood.
  • Chaotic Good, $16.19
    Cosplay, comic shops, and college applications collide in this illustrated novel.
  • From Twinkle, With Love
    Amateur filmmaker Twinkle Mehra gets caught between her preconceptions and reality while making a film with (adorably) dorky Sahil.
  • Jaya & Rasa: A Love Story, $10.76
    A trans romance with passion and spark, set in contemporary Oahu.

Historical fiction/Nonfiction

Sci Fi/Fantasy

  • Akata Witch, $9.89
    Sunny is an American kid living in Nigeria, an African-American with albinism, and now, apparently, a witch.
  • Black Wings Beating, $16.19
    A dark, vicious, fantasy…with falconry!
  • Wintersong, $9.99
    Girl meets Goblin King. Like Labyrinth but with more classical music and 19th-century vibes.
  • Rash, $5.99
    In the late 21st century, Bo, after being falsely accused of spreading a rash throughout his school, is sold into forced labor at a pizza factory in the Canadian tundra. Yep.
  • Neverworld Wake, $17.09
    Five former friends forced to relive their last day over and over, until they decide which of them deserves to live.
  • Rabbit & Robot, $17.09
    Stranded aboard a lunar cruise ship, Cager Messer is surrounded by insane robots while watching thirty simultaneous wars turn Earth into a toxic wasteland.
  • Children of Blood and Bone, $17.09
    Epic West-African inspired fantasy. If they haven’t asked you for this one yet, they will.

But wait, there’s more! Great fiction & nonfiction that will appeal to older teens:



  • Gmorning, Gnight!, $19.80
    Lin-Manuel Miranda created Hamilton: The Musical and Jomny Sun is king of internet cartoons. They give great pep talks.
  • This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist in (White) America, $8.99
    Linked essays on subjects ranging from pop culture and feminism to black history, misogyny and racism. Great for aspiring essayists, culture critics, and activists!
  • Lab Girl, $14.40
    Minnesota native Hope Jahren’s journey into plant science and starting her own lab. An excellent role model for girls and women in STEM.
  • You Are A Badass, $8.99
    Everyone needs a little self-help from time to time, including teens! Irreverent and blunt Jen Sincero makes it fun.
  • Binge, $12.99
    Influential LGBTQ YouTuber’s first collection of hilarious personal essays.
  • A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, $8.99
    Drawing on research from around the world, Pink  outlines why artists, inventors, storytellers, and other creative thinkers will be in high demand in the future.
  • How to Invent Everything, $24.30
    Don’t get caught in the Paleolithic area without this handy and enlightening guide!


  • Universal Harvester, $14.40
    Life in a small town takes a dark turn when mysterious footage begins appearing on VHS cassettes at the local Video Hut. Will your teen even know what VHS’s are? Buy this book and find out!
  • The Kiss Quotient, $13.50
    A brilliant mathematician with Aspberger’s turns her analytical mind to her lack of dating experience, with surprisingly steamy results. Great for older teens who loved the sweet romance of To All the Guys I’ve Loved Before but want something a bit more adult.
  • Crazy Rich Asians, $14.40
    The outrageous, witty, and big-hearted novel about class, family, and love that inspired the blockbuster film.
  • The Leavers, $14.36
    One morning, Deming Guo’s mother, Polly, an undocumented Chinese immigrant, goes to her job at a nail salon—and never comes home.
  • Chemistry, $14.40
    Three years into her graduate studies, the unnamed narrator of this wry, concise coming-of-age novel finds her one-time love for chemistry is more hypothesis than reality.
  • Home Fire, $14.40
    The story of three British-born Muslim siblings, their divergent paths, and the young man who comes into their lives and changes everything.
  • Beartown, $15.30
    A struggling forest town has one unifying point of pride: its youth hockey team. But when a devastating act of violence leaves a girl traumatized, the team and town are sharply divided. A timely story of community, sports, and consequences.
  • The Dark Net, $13.49
    In this modern horror thriller, an ancient darkness is gathers in the depths of the internet, threatening to spill into the physical world….Unless it can be stopped by members of a ragtag crew, including a blind twelve-year-old, a technophobic journalist; a one-time child evangelist, and a hacker.
  • The Beautiful and Damned, $7.16
    Awaiting the inheritance of his grandfather’s fortune, Harvard-educated athlete Anthony Patch and his wife Gloria witness the impact of alcohol and avarice on their reckless marriage. A glamorous classic for your old-school teen!

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