12 Gift Ideas: True Blue M&Q

Is someone on your list is a Magers & Quinn die-hard? Are they constantly dropping by our store to browse new releases, bestsellers and staff picks, sell books for store credit, and generally just hanging out? Do they know exactly where to find even the tiniest sections, like “Arthurian Legend” or “Firefighting”? Do they know our booksellers by name? Then these gifts are for them!


A staff pick, mug, or t-shirt is the perfect gift for the true M&Q fan. Chances are your person has a favorite genre, so ask a bookseller* to help find a recent title with the staff seal of approval from that section. Or pick out one of our soft t-shirts, available in 5 colors, sizes XS-2XL. Our brown tees are designed by local artist Adam Turman, and our ceramic campfire and travel mugs feature designs by local artist Kevin Cannon. Add a little indie bookstore flair to your gift giving!

Magers & Quinn t-shirts, $19.99 each
Loon campfire mugs, $9.99
Travel mugs, $11.99

A selection of staff picks, pictured:

  • The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, $23.39
    A meld of golden age mystery, surreal futurism, and period drama, The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is an engrossing puzzle of a novel. Fresh, strange, and maddeningly (yet satisfyingly) complex, Turton’s debut is surely the most fun, original mystery of the year. –Annie
  • Transformations, $13.46
    Märchen. A “little story.” In the old times, when wishing was still effective…Wonder stories. Of magic, infamy, eternal happiness, and endless sorrow. Anne Sexton in mid-career retelling seventeen Grimm’s fairy tales to us. –Ty
  • Half-Witch, $17.09
    Two girls storm the Holy Roman Empire against all the forces of Hell. The intersection of Kelly Link, Peter Boyle, and Candide! –Emily B
  • Always Another Country, $15.29
    Msimang writes eloquently and with profound self-awareness about life in exile (partly in St. Paul!) and her beloved homeland. –Mary W
  • May We Be Forgiven, $7.99
    The first ten pages of this novel are out of control. As wild as realism gets! I needed a guided meditation video to calm my nerves. The rest of the novel is a sneaky, bleak, and funny satire of fatherhood, academia, online dating, and the wretched rich. Perfectly bitter if you hate the holidays! –Erica
  • Check, Please!, $15.29
    A feel-good comic about college, hockey, friendship and baking. A very fun read! –Catherine
  • Delicious in Dungeon, $13.50
    The comic I feel confident giving to anyone, whether they’ve read manga before or not.  fantasy adventure full of delicious meals, gorgeous design and charming characters — good for anyone ages 10 to 100! Bon appetit and have fun storming the castle! –Emily B
  • Gmorning, Gnight!, $19.80
    From the creator of Hamilton! Love yourself! Love each other! —Beth
  • My Sister, the Serial Killer, $20.66
    One should never leave home without rubber gloves and bleach, just in case one’s sister calls. Hard to categorize, easy to enjoy. Love, murder, sisters, and life in Lagos. One of my favorites this year! —Beth
  • Voyage of the Dogs, $15.29
    Join the Barkonauts on an action packed, harrowing mission through space! This is a story of courage and loyalty, perfect for readers aged 6-9. Dogs in space – what’s not to love? —Jill
  • The Dark is Rising, $7.19
    A fantasy series that has stood the test of time. Engaging for young readers, yet the eternal conflict between good and evil keeps adults captivated. –Karen
  • Go Tell it on the Mountain
  • Just Kids, Illustrated Edition, $35.99
    From someone who was there in the beginning, Patti Smith describes incredible stories from the NYC punk in its infancy. No hyperbole necessary! –Tim
  • The Essential New York Times Cookbook, $36
    For 150 years, the New York Times has been a respected and much-consulted source for recipes, contributed by some of the best recipe writers (and most knowledgeable readers) in the country. Food columnist Hesser has compiled the best  recipes from the paper’s enormous archive, all carefully tested and modernized for today’s cooks. She also provides fascinating historical context and anecdotes in her witty and engaging style. A cookbook to use, or just read cover to cover, and an essential addition to home cooks’ and culinary history aficionados’ libraries.–Mary
  • How to Read Nancy, $26.99
    The narratology of comics, featuring the classic strip by Ernie Bushmiller (recently revitalized by Olivia Jaimes). For any comics lover – and maker! –Emily B and Pete

*Holiday hint: Booksellers are your best resource to pick the perfect gift for your entire list! Books can be for anyone – we have something for all interests and reading levels. This photo is just a taste of our favorite things to recommend lately, but remember that we can (and love to) tailor our recommendations to your needs!


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