2019 Kids’ Book-of-the-Month Club

This holiday season, give a gift that keeps on giving long after the snow has melted!

We handpicked our favorite recent books for young people and put together subscription packages ideal for 3 different age groups, creating an exciting and unique gift.

2nd package 12 month

Pictured: 12-month package of the 2nd book collection, ideal for readers aged 6-8

Here’s how it works:

Purchase through the PayPal buttons below. Payment can be made using PayPal or credit card. Or, call the store at (612) 822-4611.

We’ve created subscriptions ideal for readers aged:

The first book is available in December. You may choose to pick up the first book from our store (it’s already gift-wrapped!), or ask us to ship it. All subsequent books will also be shipped to the lucky young reader(s) in your life. Each book is cheerfully wrapped and includes a fun fact!

After purchasing, use the form below to fill out the children’s name and address, and which collection to send each child.

The fine print:

  • Shipping fees are included in the package costs.
  • No refunds
  • No international shipping
  • Deadline for sign-up: New Years 2019

Questions? Give us a call at (612) 822-4611.

Step 1: Purchase a Package

Purchase as many packages as you wish to order – all 6-month subscriptions are $98, all 12-month subscriptions are $198.

Please note: PayPal will ask for a shipping and billing address. Simply give your billing address and mark shipping as the same. We will not be looking at these addresses for shipping. We will collect the child’s shipping address from the Google form below.



6-Month Package

6 month package. Child receives a book December 2018-May 2019 for a total of 6 books. Shipping fees included! Pictured: 6 month package for Ages 9-12 & Up.




12-Month Package

12 month package. Child receives a book December 2018-November 2019 for a total of 12 books. Shipping fees included! Pictured: 12 month package for Ages 0-5.


Step 2: Recipient Information

Once you’ve purchased your package(s), fill out this form to let us know where to send the books, and how to contact you if any questions arise. If purchasing subscriptions for more than 1 child, fill out the 2nd form as often as necessary until you have given information for each child receiving a subscription. Thank you!