Introducing the M&Q Masked Man: Stay Close and Connected with Books!


Our new “Masked Man” image was designed by the wonderful Kenspeckle Letterpress in Duluth. Thank you to Rick and Marian for this fantastic design! We have carried their beautiful cards for years and love working with them. It just so happens that the COVID-19 crisis hit while we were in discussions with them about new designs, so they put our M&Q man in a mask. We love it!

As an essential business, we are able to have staff on-site fulfilling and shipping web orders.

Update: While the state has asked us to refrain from offering curbside/contactless pickup at this time, we look forward to offering it again in the future.

How to order online: 

  1. Place website orders at, available 24/7 
  2. Our entire book inventory is browsable, new/used. 
  3. Orders placed for Delivery (free shipping for $29.99 or more) 

Please note that we are still taking orders via web only – we cannot take orders over the phone at this time, but look forward to doing so again soon!

Thank you for your continued support. We are pleased to be able to keep connecting our community with the ideas and enrichment found within bookstores. Books are essential!

3 thoughts on “Introducing the M&Q Masked Man: Stay Close and Connected with Books!

  1. this is gorgeous! is there any chance the masked man will be available as a print? or is it better to check with Kenspeckle?

    • Hi Will! Thank – we think so too! We’re looking into getting it on a sticker for sure. No plans for a print at this time, but we’ll definitely update this post if that changes.

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