12 Gift ideas: Made in MN

History and fiction set in Minnesota, photographic explorations of the state, and locally-made goodies: all great ideas for your friends and family with extreme Minnesota pride.


Our “Minnesota room” is chock full of titles for those curious about history, sports, nature, and literature of Minnesota. Local artists and designers such as Adam Turman, Michelle Brusegaard, Kenspeckle Press, and Frostbeard Candles make up a huge portion of our gifts and cards as well.

Books pictured:

Gift items pictured:

  • MN themed pint glasses by Adam Turman (available in 5 styles), prices vary by style $7.99-$13.99
  • MN Nice candles from Frostbeard Candles, “Purple Rain” and “Up North” scents, $17.99
  • Minneapolis and Minnesota letterpress notebooks from Blackbird Letterpress, $15
  • “North Sweet North” patches, keychains, and hat by Michelle Brusegaard, $5.99 – $17.99
  • SKOL coozie by Michelle Brusegaard (available in multiple colors), $3.99
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul skyline whiskey glasses by Adam Turman, $11.99
  • Minnesota typography t-shirt by Minnesota Made (available in multiple sizes), $28



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