The Wildwood Chronicles

If you are a fan of adventurous fiction filled with sassy kids and crazy battles in other worlds, you would be a fan of Wildwood by Colin Meloy. Or perhaps you just think it’s cool reading a book by a rock star. (he is the lead singer of The Decemberists, you know). Or maybe both suits  you.

Whatever the reason may be to bring your attention to this fine book and its sequel, Under  Wildwood, I don’t care. Just read them! They are delightful! Illustrated by Meloy’s wife, Carson Ellis, you are taken to places that are vivid and imaginative. 

Aren’t the covers wonderful?

Carson Ellis and Colin Meloy
They even made our window display in a feeble attempt to win a contest they had going on the Wildwood blog for booksellers. Check it out here. After terrifying myself hanging a bunch of crows from very high ceiling rods, I accepted the fact that the prize may not be mine but atleast the books will get some added attention.