Looking at the Future

If cars drove the 20th century, can transit and biking and walking be the engine of the 21st? Find out at a screening of the documentary film, Beyond the Motor City, along with selected short films about bicycling–7:00pm, June 8, at St. Anthony Main Theater (115 Main Street SE, Minneapolis).

Beyond the Motor City is the newest documentary film from the acclaimed director of King Corn, Aaron Woolf. Using Detroit as a lens, the film asks whether transit can foster the rebirth of a city once synonymous with cars (it wasn’t called Motown for nothing). The evening will also include a post-screening Q&A with the director and local bicycling and walking leaders. Also that evening, Mn/DOT will debut a new “Share the Road” campaign. The whole thing is free and open to the public.

Watch a preview of the film here. For more information about this screening, including a free transit pass to get you there, visit www.bikewalkweek.org.–David E