Book as Fetish

Truly we live in an age of wonders. You can sit–teeth unbrushed, hair uncombed–at your computer and browse the shelves of ultraminimalist artist Donald Judd’s library in Marfa, Texas. Click a shelf on the floor plan and you’ll see a photograph of the bookcase, just as the late artist arranged it. A drop down menu tells you the subject area is on each shelf. Click that label and you’re staring at a larger picture of the shelf, and now each book you see is linked to a page listing the tome’s title, author, and other bibliographic information. Marvel at Judd’s discrimination and taste, then click once more to find the book in a library near you and begin building your own 13,500 volume collection, if temporarily.

It took the Judd Foundation over 3,500 hours to put this information together. Redeem their efforts and take a look here, won’t you? Then go brush your teeth.

Tip of the hat to the New York Times.–David E