Straight Up

On Saturday, October 24, Rachel Coyne will be at Magers & Quinn to read from her new novel Whiskey Heart at 7:00pm. Alcohol is the villain in this novel, and Coyne tells her story of grief and redemption in a heightened language that will captivate readers. It’s a literary soap opera that forces its narrator to deal with one predicament after another in a world of anger, denial, and moments of fierce joy. When Rachel Coyne was fifteen, her estranged father entered alcohol rehab after drinking himself into a coma that lasted so long he claims he heard the dead whispering to him.

Whiskey Heart lays bare the destructive power of family love, and yet Coyne’s voice–as clear and sweet as water–charges the novel with a visionary light. Rich in character, place, and incident, the story moves like fate toward its final chapter.”–Lin Enger

“Coyne understands the human heart–she knows all the dark corners, twisted by the heat and hurt of love, and she knows the odd paths back from ruin. I couldn’t put it down.”–Jonis Agee

Details of this event are here.–David E