Two Poets for the Price of One–Free!

Wayne Miller and Dobby Gibson read from their new poetry, Thursday, July 9, 7:30pm, at Magers & Quinn Booksellers.

The Book of Props is an artistic and philosophical endeavor to place oneself in the world. What emerges is a whole-hearted embrace of being, where technique and subject match. With its fluid combination of personal lyric and formal innovation, The Book of Props engages readers with its fundamentally humanistic perspective.

Dobby Gibson’s Skirmish puts into conflict the private and public self, civil disobedience and civic engagement, fortunes told and fortunes made. These poems imaginatively, sometimes manically, move from perception to perception with the speed of a mind forced moment to moment to make sense of distant war and local unrest, global misjudgment and suspicious next-door neighbors, the splice-cuts of the media and the gliding leaves on the Mississippi River.

Details are here.–David E