New Fiction from Israel

Suzane Adam has crafted Laundry as a study in deferral and a testimony to the power of the narrative. The book deftly balances the framework of a psychological drama with a deep lyricism. Translator Becka Mara McKay maintains this gorgeous tension in lucid, gripping prose. We have both Adam and McKay to thank for a novel so compelling and beautifully wrought that we hardly notice when nearly two hundred and thirty pages have passed before we are brought to the dark heart of Ildiko’s action, the climax of her story—which is, we realize, what got us here in the first place. Laundry is a quick-paced, intelligent novel and a nuanced reflection on love, obsession and the complex depths of memory.

Suzane Adam and translator Becka Mara McKay will both be at Magers & Quinn on
Sunday, April 19, at 6:00pm. Details are here.–David E