A Reading on Women and Leadership

Katrina Uhly, Darlyne Bailey, and Kelly Mcnall Koney will be in Magers & Quinn Booksellers next week to discuss their book Sustaining our Spirits: Women Leaders Thriving for Today and Tomorrow. Dr. Bailey and her co-authors, Kelly McNally Koney, Mary Ellen McNish, Dr. Ruthmary Powers, and Katrina Uhly, embarked on a remarkable five-year process of discovery with over forty other women from institutions, organizations, and communities. From these conversations was born Sustaining our Spirits, a project where women leaders would learn from and with one another how to sustain their life energies and commitment and, in turn, be able to share those lessons with others.

We hope you can join us Monday, April 20, at 7:30pm, to hear more from these authors. Details on this event and all our upcoming readings are events page.–David E