7 Ways to Kick-Start Your 2022 Reading

Resolved to read more? We can help!

A popular New Year’s resolution is to read “more” (whatever that means for you). As booksellers, we know better than most that sometimes, a reading slump can be super hard to shake. The key is not to get stuck on the idea of what you “should” be reading, but instead to follow your instinct and read what you want! Once you have momentum going, then you can try adding something from your “should” list—or you can let it go.

In our recent newsletter, we’re highlighting a few tricks we use to get back in the reading habit: fast-paced genres, graphic novels, audiobooks, and more!

Whether your goal is to read 5 books, 15 books, or more, we hope the tips below will help you find your first favorite read of 2022

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