What is Plaid Friday? A whole lot of fun, that’s what.

Every year we see lots of news stories about the mayhem and euphoria that is Black Friday – the biggest shopping day of the year.

We agree that shopping is basically the most fun thing to do ever (for us, “shopping” means buying books when our houses and apartments are already full to the brim, and we are at peace with this).

How can you combine the excitement of day-after-Thanksgiving shopping with your tradition of supporting local independent businesses?



Plaid Friday is a movement of local business associations across the country who promote deals and events on the day after Thanksgiving.

Here’s a look at OUR special Plaid Friday offers, available on Friday, November 25:

  • Penguin Merch Giveaway
    To celebrate 70 years of publishing iconic paperback editions of literary masterpieces, Penguin released the Orange Collection this fall. Buy a Penguin Orange classic, get a FREE GIFT from Penguin Random House.

Buy one of these beauties, get a special gift from Penguin!

  • Wear plaid, get swag
    Make a purchase while WEARING PLAID to show your support for local business, and you’ll get a FREE TOTE and mystery gift on your way out!

If you want to plan a full day of Twin Cities Plaid Friday activity (which you totally should – get that shopping done early so you can sit and read!), head over to the official Plaid Friday Facebook page or blog.

We can’t wait to see you!