Cold Weather, Warm Books

For many of us in this great state of ours, winter means hunkering down, starting a fire, drinking some wine, baking some pies and eating comfort food.

Luckily we have some wonderful, enticing books to get you started on your winter hibernation.

Who doesn’t love a good crock pot dinner? Over 320 recipes to get you going.

Baked chicken and potatoes? That’s a good start. What’s next?

You’ve hit the orchards, right? The Farmer’s Markets? You should have plenty of apples to use when discovering these delicious new recipes. 

Want to try a little bit of everything? Try this one out.

And we can’t forget all those Pumpkins. Only one more week until Halloween!

All of these great books are here on our shelves, along with many more. Stop on in and get some ideas of how to warm your belly for the upcoming winter season.