Rare Book School

What’s that, you say? Rare Book School?

Yes, it exists.
Check out this article from the New York Times about this school at the University of Virginia. Here’s a snippet. 
“For five weeks each summer Rare Book School brings some 300 librarians, conservators, scholars, dealers, collectors and random book-mad civilians together for weeklong intensive courses in an atmosphere that combines the intensity of the seminar room, the nerdiness of a “Star Trek” convention and the camaraderie of a summer camp where people come back year after year.”

The whole article

Boy, what nerdy delight that would be.

Here at Magers and Quinn, we know a few things about rare books. We have more than a few and a whole host of staff members who could throw down in a rare book battle.

Next time you are in, take a gander upstairs and see what rare delights we have on our shelves.