Coming Soon from Robert Bly

Robert Bly’s News of the Universe

 “Haydn Reiss
News of the Universe reveals how poet, translator, activist and gadfly Robert Bly has influenced America’s cultural landscape over the last fifty years. A farmer’s son, a graduate of Harvard, a Navy veteran, an outspoken critic of the Vietnam war, Bly was among the first to translate Pablo Neruda, Rainer Maria Rilke, Rumi and introduce them to an American audience. Working with Joseph Campbell, and Bly’s bestseller Iron John, provided a renewal into the study of mythology and ritual. Now in his 85th year, Robert Bly has done the hard spadework to lift morale in unsettling times. A film for all lovers of poetry, ideas and imagination.” -from San Francisco Film Society

We were honored to have the Bly family at our store recently. A film is in the works, News of the Universe and we got to be a part of it. Stay tuned for more details and a video clip.