Customer Reviews #1

We value our customers. 

We learn from our customers. 

Our customers are voracious readers and we love that!

To highlight some of the fabulous folks that come through our doors, we would like to start a feature called Customer Reviews. (pretty catchy, huh?)
Our very first loyal customer to share their review with us is Mary. Here is what she thinks of the upcoming new release by local author Louise Erdrich, The Round House, due out October 2 from Harper Collins.
The Round House
 “Edrich has a written a real winner here. Louise weaves an excellent story within the lives of a close knit Native American family in the 1970’s. A time of National growth and economic despair were the average American is trying to figure out how this “new” Individualism will survive without losing the basics of being part of a family. Discover life on a Midwest reservation. Joe, a teenager, struggles with coming of age, keeping his most sacred of Native traditions; family, honor and spirit.”
Mary, one of our awesome customers
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