Cookbook Recommendations from Chef Doug Flicker of Piccolo

Doug Flicker is the acclaimed chef behind Piccolo, the south Minneapolis gem that Anthony Bourdain has called “terrific” and “really cutting edge.” In a quaint space on the corner of 43rd St. and Bryant Ave, Flicker and company have been serving exquisitely executed small plates for the past 18 months. Doug took time out of his hectic schedule to provide us a list of his top five cookbooks.

White Heat by Marco Pierre White

“One of the greatest English chefs and the first to stand tall against the French. White is the original bad boy. Every cook in my generation wanted to be him. The book is full of outlandish quotes. If you look closely at the photo of the kitchen fight scene, you’ll see that one of the commis is actually Gordon Ramsey.”

The French Laundry Cookbook by Thomas Keller

“Any cook who hasn’t had to repurchase this book at least once because they have worn out the pages looking at it or spilled sh** all over it when it was sitting on their cutting board because they were referencing it…isn’t a good cook. This is THE book that changed everything.”

COCO : 10 World-leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs

“Ten of the worlds best chefs each name ten of their favorite chefs. The best go-to book to see what is happening right now in the world of restaurants and who is taking us there.”

Quay by Peter Gilmore

“An incredibly beautiful and inspiring book by Australian chef Peter Gilmore. Throughout the book, Gilmore shows a strong connection to the land while demonstrating amazing technique and vision. Every page echoes Gilmore’s personality and strength as a chef.”

La Riviera d’Alain Ducasse : Recettes au fil du temps by

Alain Ducasse
“A very personal book for me. I bought this book on my first trip to Europe. I had no idea at the time who he was but it was the most beautiful book I had ever seen at the time. Never translated into English, a lot of the book remains somewhat of a mystery to me …and that in some way continues to make it special.”

Piccolo is located mere blocks from M&Q at 4300 Bryant Avenue South.








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