Local History, Part 1

To compile their new book Lyn-Lake, Thatcher Imboden and Cedar Imboden Phillips drew upon both private and public collections to bring together a fascinating compilation of seldom-seen images from the area ‘s long and often quirky past. They’ll visit M&Q on July 14, to share stories from the neighborhood.One of the photos from the book is this picture of the neighborhood’s trolleys. (Click it to see a larger version.)
Streetcars plied the streets of the Lyn-Lake area, quickly and easily connecting residents with downtown and the commercial districts to the east and west. This 1948 photograph shows a derailed Bryant-Johnson streetcar at the intersection of Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue, which has left a long line of streetcars idling in the background. (Minnesota Historical Society; photograph by Minneapolis Star Tribune.)      
Learn more about Lyn-Lake’s past when Thatcher Imboden and Cedar Phillips discuss their new book at M&Q–7:30pm, Thursday, July 14. Details are here.–David E