Poetry that Brings You the World

“Make no mistake about it. R. M. Ryan’s poems are big and baggy, novelistic and comprehensive. They bulge with plunder,” said Robert Dana, former Poet Laureate of Iowa. You can meet Rick Ryan when he visits M&Q–7:30pm, Monday, June 20.

Sometimes funny, sometimes somber, the poems in Vaudeville in the Dark range from an elegy on the death of a miner in Sago, West Virgina, to a meditation on the life of Rembrandt. Tony the Tiger, Glenn Gould, and even Chaucer–each appears in RM Ryan’s poetry. He creates a world both frightening and funny as we reach for a “heart dissolved in melody.”

“Ryan’s poetry both uncovers and creates the connections between the past and this moment, startling us with a quiet, visionary power.”—Naomi Wallace

R. M. Ryan is the author of Goldilocks in Later Life and the novel The Golden Rules. He lives on the Sonoma coast of California with the biographer Carol Sklenicka.

Details are here.–David E