Hair Club… It’s Not Just for Men

Did you know that a lock of Justin Bieber’s hair is currently on tour–with a bodyguard no less? Frenzied fans are lining up across the nation to get their picture taken with Bieber’s hair for $1. (The money raised is being donated to the tsunami relief.)

Not to be outdone, David Thorne, creator of the hilarious website and author of The Internet is a Playground: Irreverent Correspondences of an Evil Online Genius, is sending a few of his own gorgeous tresses around the country. The locks will be at Magers & Quinn from June 1 to 5. Stop by, have your picture taken with the hair, and donate a dollar to the National Children’s Cancer Society. Everybody wins.

[Note to the Bieber Feverish everwhere: David Thorne does not hate JB. To quote his website, “I personally have nothing against Justin Bieber. I haven’t seen him in anything but I am sure he is a fine actor. …I’d like to think that Justin and I would get along quite amicably under normal circustances but if we were both shipwrecked, washed ashore on a small desert island, and had to fight over a single can of peaches, I would get the peaches.” Feel better?]