Wising Up

Local authors Wendy Brown-Baez, Patricia Barone, Emilio De Grazia, Benjamin Doty, and Jane Levin, Mary Kay Rummel visit Magers & Quinn to talk about their contributions to various anthologies from Wising Up Press–Sunday, May 15, at 4:00pm.

The authors will discuss:

  • Double Lives, Reinvention & Those We Leave Behind–We frown upon double lives, but laud reinvention as the perpetual rebirth of our best self. But are these two states so very different for us as we live them?
  • Families: The Frontline of Pluralism–The difficulties of living up close and personal with diversity–of sensibility, race, culture, class, or religion–is the subject of the stories, memoirs, and poetry in this anthology.
  • Illness & Grace, Terror & Transformation–In this anthology of personal memoirs, stories, and poetry contemporary writers explore themes of illness and trauma and the wide variety of ways in which we respond to them.
  • Love After 70–What is love, in all its forms, like after 70? If you didn’t know most of these writers were over 70, you would not think so as you listen to their most personal of voices.
  • View from the Bed, View from the Bedside–Thirty-eight contemporary writers explore with memoir, story, and poetry the different ways we talk about, to–and through– each other at the doctor’s office, hospital, or sickbed.

Wising Up Press, of Decatur, Georgia, publishes books about creative acculturation, social forces and psychological resiliency, illness and meaning, spirituality and embodiment. More information is available at www.universaltable.org. Details on this and all our events are here.–David E