Shared Interests

We got a charming email this week from an M&Q fan who’d attended our recent reading by Philip Connors, author of Fire Season: Field Notes from a Wilderness Lookout.

“My name is Jordan Wiklund, a writer and editor from St. Paul. Last week I attended the Connors’ reading and just had a blast; hadn’t been in the store for a year or two and picked up a copy of The Know-It-All in addition to Connors’ book. If you were there, I was the young guy in the Twins cap who asked him about cribbage.

“…During the signing, I told Connors about the project and he actually gave me his card for a future conversation about cribbage on his mountain.

“Long story short, his eyes grew wider than mine when he said, “I was on your website yesterday!” So I’ve followed up with a blog post about that experience found here. All the dialogue is verbatim because I taped the whole reading, a literary bootleg!”

We love bringing authors and readers together. Leave us a comment and let us know about your favorite experience.–David E