Try to Remember

The New York Times reports on the first reading by Joshua Foer, author of Moonwalking with Einstein. Foer read last night at Brooklyn’s Freenlight Bookstore. “Mr. Foer said that Wednesday’s reading was the first he had ever done. ‘You get to see my schtick before it gets honed,’ he told the audience.”

The schtick is to bring audience members forward and lead them through the “memory palace” technique, which makes it easier to remember a list of arbitrary words. Says the Times, “Despite having to remember such vague words as grace and sesquipedalian, the audience remembered all seven words perfectly.”

Try your luck when Joshua Foer comes to Magers & Quinn. Repeat after me, he’ll be at Magers & Quinn… at 7:30pm… on Thursday, March 24. Write it down if you have to.–David E