Two Poets at M&Q

Minneapolis’ poetry scene is as vibrant as ever. Come hear for yourself when two local authors read from their new work–4:00pm, Sunday, March 13, at Magers & Quinn Booksellers.

Sharon Chmielarz’s fifth collection poetry is a cornucopia of small, lyric poems on various topics, encompassing Chopin and Pushkin, dolphins and cows, zippers and gourds, bar scenes and garden scenes.

“In The Sky Is Great, The Sky Is Blue, Sharon Chmielarz is singularly herself with her sharp eye, her quick ear, and her knowledge that ‘one becomes full by merely remembering.’”–Tim Nolan, author of The Sound of It

Dylan Garcia-Wahl’s poetry weds romanticism with a thoroughly modern sensibility. In Becoming, the poet travels from jazz bars to the Ganges, from the Boundary Waters to the boudoir, subtly tracing the outlines of the human condition.

“Dylan Garcia-Wahl’s Becoming lingers with a reader, worldly, sparse and nuanced.”–Bryan Thao Worra Details are here.–David E