Before He Was Famous

The New York Times reviewed Bruce Machart’s debut novel The Wake of Forgiveness, and it’s a rave. Says author Philip Caputo,

His accounts of the horse races are as thrilling as his depictions of the harsh Texas landscape are loving and precise. He has a good ear for Western speech, and he writes as convincingly about an era he never experienced as he does about such diverse topics as cotton farming, quail hunting and gelding stallions. The echoes of McCarthy are loud in his lush style, but there are also undertones of Faulkner, Larry McMurtry, Norman Maclean and Charles Frazier. Machart blends these influences into a style uniquely his. “The Wake of Forgiveness” is a fine debut.

The full review is here. You can meet Bruce Machart when he visits Magers & Quinn–7:30pm, Tuesday, November 2. Don’t miss this chance to catch a rising literary star.–David E