The Buddy System

Laurie Ellis-Young leads a mini-workshop on partner yoga at Magers & Quinn Booksellers–Sunday, October 24, at 4:00pm. It will be experiential for those who want to join in, but still enjoyable for those who would simply like to watch. Laurie’s simple practices that anyone can do include

  • Eye exercises that can help us learn to focus on the best in ourselves and the best in our friends.
  • Simple neck rolls for relaxation and better communication between the brain and the body. The focus would be on the importance of communication with our own selves and with our friends.
  • Practices for letting go of irritations and the tendency to become easily irritated.

Friendship: The Art of the Practice by Laurie Ellis-Young & Nancy Chakrin pairs stunning photographs of women, ages 10-100, practicing yoga in beautiful settings around the world with inspiring quotes celebrating friendship. Laurie Ellis-Young has been teaching yoga and breath work for over 30 years. Nancy Chakrin, a talented photographer, artist, and breast cancer survivor, is the person behind the camera lens. Together Laurie & Nancy share a special message of inspiration in their book. Laurie Ellis-Young and Nancy Chakrin became friends in Guatemala in 2008. An unlikely but complementary duo, they challenge each other to alternately “Do” and “Be”, sharing a dance between structure and spontaneity. Their quest compelled them to explore volcanoes, lakes, mountains, deserts, ocean beaches, jungles and cityscapes all in pursuit of showing the synergy between yoga and friendship. Their collection of dazzling photographs captures friends practicing yoga and friendship in spectacular settings around the world. The photographs are coupled with inspiring quotes that celebrate the sometimes simple and sometimes complex connections that form from the cherished practice of friendship. Details are here.–David E