Take a Chance on New Fiction

Take chance on literature when three authors of experimental fiction visit Magers & Quinn–Friday, October 8, at 7:30pm.

Adam Golaski is the author of the short story collection Worse Than Myself (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2008) and the editor, with Matthew Klane, of the anthologies A Sing Economy and Oh One Arrow from Flim Forum Press. He is also the editor and publisher of New Genre, an annual journal of literary and experimental horror and science fiction. His latest novel Color Plates is a museum, alive in the now crystallized brain of a sort-of Mary Cassatt. She’s dead, you know. Four rooms of Mary’s museum are open to the public, and they are named Éduoard Manet, Edgar Degas, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Mary Cassatt. Each room exhibits little stories–plates–drawn from real paintings by the painters who are the rooms’ namesakes.

John Cotter is a founding editor of the online magazine Open Letters Monthly, an arts & literature review dedicated to thoughtful and unbiased arts writing: new reviews, essays, poems, and blogs. John has published fiction and poetry in Volt, Hanging Loose and other journals; he has also directed Bollywood musicals and is currently writing a long story about gender roles and real estate swindles in the nineteen eighties in southeastern Connecticut. His first novel, Under the Small Lights, was published this June by Miami University Press. Under the Small Lights traces five twentysomethings through two years of fights, hopes, and fallout, the different roles they try, and the surprising way their natures betray those roles. Under the Small Lights addresses the doubtful possibility of collective love and the painful experiences which, once having endured them, we wouldn’t be without.

Alan DeNiro is the author of a collection of short stories (Skinnydipping in the Lake of the Dead) and a novel (Total Oblivion, More or Less). Booklist said of Total Oblivion, “There aren’t many writers who take weirdness as seriously as DeNiro does, and fewer still who can extract so much grounded emotion, gut-dropping humor, and rousing adventure from it. A dizzying display of often brilliant, always strange, and definitely unique storytelling.”

Details are here.–David E