This Land Was Your Land

How well do you know Minnesota’s history? Test your knowledge Thursday, June 24, at 7:30pm, when Mary Lethert Wingerd discusses her new book North Country: The Making of Minnesota from the University of Minnesota Press.

Wingerd’s book chronicles the untold history of how the land of the Dakota and Ojibwe became the State of Minnesota. In North Country, Mary Lethert Wingerd unlocks the complex origins of the state–origins that have often been ignored in favor of legend and a far more benign narrative of immigration, settlement, and cultural exchange.

“By teaching us the story of this land, Wingerd tells us where we are today, and by opening up this neglected and hidden history of its native people, she helps us to understand the debt and respect that we owe them and points the way for us to make a better future for our children.”–Jack Weatherford, professor of anthropology at Macalester College and author of Native Roots : How the Indians Enriched America

Mary Lethert Wingerd is associate professor of history at St. Cloud State University. She is the author of Claiming the City: Politics, Faith, and the Power of Place in St. Paul.

Details are here.–David E