Get Smart

Anya Kamnetz will discuss her new book DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education–Thursday, June 10, 7:30pm, at Magers & Quinn.

“A vibrant democracy depends on vibrant education. Anya Kamenetz shows a way to shake up education to release more potential at every level.”–Naomi Wolf, bestselling author of The End of America

Nine out of ten American high school seniors aspire to go to college, yet the price of college tuition has increased more than any other major good or service for the last twenty years. Almost half of college students don’t graduate; those who do have unprecedented levels of federal and private student loan debt, which constitutes a credit bubble similar to the mortgage crisis. The future lies in personal learning networks and paths, learning that blends experiential and digital approaches, and free and open-source educational models. Increasingly, college students will decide for themselves what, when, where, and with whom they want to learn. Education is going do-it-yourself.

“Never before has a college degree been more important, making the need to address the failure of many higher ed institutions to deliver on that promise that much more critical. Kamenetz captures a higher ed system on the brink of dramatic transformation, and paints two provocative futures: revolution from within the system and disruption from the outside. This is valuable reading for higher education leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in understanding how innovation and market forces can begin to drive real and necessary change.”–Josh Jarrett, Senior Program Officer for Postsecondary Success, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Anya Kamnetz’s new book DIY U tells how students are forging their own educational paths, and how parents, educators, and administrators can help. Read an excerpt from DIY U here.

Details are here.–David E