Authors, This Is How You Market Yourself

If you haven’t heard of author Scott Sigler, it’s not his fault. The author–his latest novel Ancestor comes out June 22–is a master of promotion. Consider, for example, the video contest he’s running right now. Fans are asked to choose one of four scripts as a basis for their short films; a standard intro and outro are also provided to maintain consistency. From these raw materials, aspiring filmmakers will make a book trailer for Ancestor.

If you’re lucky enough to win this competition, the rewards are great:

  • A 32GB WiFi + 3G Apple iPad (valued at $729)
  • $200 prize moolah!
  • A signed, personalized copy of Ancestor

It’s also worth entering just to get your film work in front of Sigler’s panel of big-time Hollywood judges:

  • Steven Schneider, executive producer of Paranormal Activity
  • Lucas Foster, producer of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Bad Boys, and The Mask of Zorro
  • Ron Karoska, co-founder of Monster FX, a major special effects producer
  • Justin Manask from the Office for Literary Adaptation, an agency that specializes in turning books and other literary properties into movies

The contest runs through June 14, 2010. Details are here.–David E