Find Yourself

Colleen Baldrica will read from Tree Spirited Woman–4:00pm, Sunday, April 25, at M&Q.

As the former lead school counselor for the St. Paul Public School District and a Past President of the Minnesota School Counselors Association, Colleen Baldrica is no stranger to helping people listen to their inner voice. Her book Tree Spirited Woman is a narrative that takes the reader through one woman’s intimate transformation from the death of her maternal grandmother to the establishment of a new and guiding friendship with a wise and mystical woman. Along the way, she learns to “let go and trust” in love, personal relationships, and, utimately, death.

Baldrica says the inspiration for the various chapters, which correspond to life’s stages, came from her personal life as well as from the teachings of her Native American grandmother. “I thought a lot about subjects that were important to me,” she says. “I knew these would have resonance with other women. Women are reaching out, and this book is touching many lives.

Details are here.–David E