There’s a House in Far Bombay

There’s a house in Mumbai. Called “The Dean’s Bungalow”, it sits on the grounds of the JJ School of Art in the city that was once called Bombay. This lovely structure is going to be a museum soon, because this is the house where Rudyard Kipling was born in 1865.

But don’t expect to learn much of anything about the great British poet and novelist in the new museum. In fact, there won’t be any mention of him at all in any of the exhibits; he’s still too controversial. Quoth the Telegraph: “Sharad Keskar, Chairman of the Kipling Society, explained: ‘You have a fairly ignorant officialdom in India, who don’t know much about Kipling apart from that he was an imperialist or part of the Raj. Officially he’s still persona non grata. I think that is changing, but it’s rather a slow change.'”

Thanks to Novel Destinations for the news.–David E