Hear Here

John Irving will be in Minneapolis on Monday, to read from his new novel Last Night at Twisted River. Tickets for the live show are sold out, but Magers & Quinn will broadcast live audio of the reading in our store. Come in, sit down, and hear the whole reading for free.

Monday promises to be a very interesting evening. Irving recently spoke to the New Statesman, and he had some very interesting things to say, including his writing process.

How do you start a novel?
“With the last sentence. Every novel of mine began with a last sentence, and not even the punctuation in those 12 last sentences changed. The first couple of times that happened to me, I thought it was an oddity. I didn’t recognise it as a habit, nor would I have labelled it a “process”.. But then I came to recognise that this is the way my mind works.”

The whole interview is here.–David E