Why Bookstores Are Better Than Libraries

Normally I love the blog Awful Library Books. It showcases “a collection of public library holdings that we find amusing and maybe questionable for public libraries trying to maintain a current and relevant collection.” In other words, it makes fun of out-of-date and otherwise risible books that should be culled.

So you can imagine my surprise when ALB singled out Looking Forward to Being Attacked for expulsion. It’s a treasure, a gem of the highest order. Just look at the table of contents (here). “Chapter One: You’ll Never Enjoy Being Attacked If You Don’t Change Your Attitude.” Thought-provoking. “Chapter Four: Life Affords Few Pleasures That Can Equal The Striking Of Vulnerable Areas.” How true.

Fortunately, bookstores need not be concerned with relevancy and propriety, and we are therefore free to stock the classics. We’ve got a copy of LFtBA available right now. Get your copy here.–David E