Living Thoughtfully

Sue Leaf will be at Magers & Quinn Booksellers,
Thursday, September 17, at 7:30pm, to discuss her new memoir about life in east-central Minnesota.

In The Bullhead Queen, Sue Leaf exemplifies the moral aspect of humans to nature through a collection of engaging meditations on the places she sees every day on Pioneer Lake in east-central Minnesota. Reflecting on the birds she peers at through binoculars and the Lutheran church that anchors the lake’s southern shore, Leaf contemplates how her relationship to nature has been colored by the Christian theology of her childhood. Acknowledging the influence of the church on her view of the natural world, she follows the liturgical calendar as a thread, chronicling the change of seasons over the year.

“Like the late Paul Gruchow’s Journal of a Prairie Year, Sue Leaf’s The Bullhead Queen records a sensitive observer’s impressions of local animals, plants, and a partly developed lake across Minnesota’s seasons. This is a gentle, plainspoken book that finds its truths in what is most local and personal—a breviary for humble, semiwild/semideveloped places.” —Jan Zita Grover

Details are here.–David E