A Very Graphic Novel

Fans of graphic novels and devotees of dark family stories alike will want to come to hear David Small when he discusses his memoir Stitches, Tuesday, September 15, at 7:30pm.

One day David Small awoke from a supposedly harmless operation to discover that he had been transformed into a virtual mute. A vocal cord removed, his throat slashed and stitched together like a bloody boot, the fourteen-year-old boy had not been told that he had cancer and was expected to die.

In Stitches, Small, the award-winning children’s illustrator and author, recreates this terrifying event in a life story that might have been imagined by Kafka. As the images painfully tumble out, one by one, we gain a ringside seat at a gothic family drama, where David–a highly anxious yet supremely talented child–all too often became the unwitting object of his parents’ buried frustration and rage.
Details are on the M&Q events page.–David E