“In the places set between folds in the Earth, voices echo against mountains….” So begins the story of Concord, Virginia, one of those places set between folds in the Earth. It’s a place like almost any other Southern town filled with self-righteous preachers, descendants of slaves, upstanding town leaders and the ladies of the local bridge club. But, Concord has something else: a dark heart. A church has been abandoned. Vultures have been roosting in the trees at George MacJenkins’s house. Poisonous snakes follow Rachel Stetson into the river for a swim. And the ghost of Thomas Jefferson has recently spoken through a man chained to fate.

These are just a few of the characters in Peter Neofotis’ new novel Concord, Virginia: A Southern Town in Eleven Stories. Meet more of them Friday, July 31, 7:30pm, when Neofotis reads at Magers & Quinn Booksellers. Details are here.–David E