Rock Out

I can’t wait for this event. Jessica Hopper reads from Girls’ Guide to Rocking on Thursday, July 16, 7:30pm, at Magers & Quinn Booksellers.

The book is everything a rocking girl needs to know: How to choose the right instrument for you. Where to shop for instruments and where to avoid. How to get your band together and keep it together–tips on playing in a band with your friends and staying friends. How to turn your bedroom into a soundproof practice space. Giving your band the right name, plus a cautionary glossary of overused words (Wolf, Star, Crystal, Earth, etc.). How to set-up and promote your own shows. The freedom of going solo, and how to handle performing alone in the spotlight. Songwriting tips, with eight prompts to get the lyrics flowing. The ins and outs of recording, whether at home or in a studio. Taking care of business: publicizing your band, making T-shirts, legalese and the creative personality, and the four signs that say “time to hire a manager”–in other words, you’ve arrived.

Jessica will be introduced by local author and musician Laurie Lindeen.

Details are here.–David E