Fiction and Non-fiction

Scott Muskin and Nicole Johns read from recent works, Sunday, July 12, 7:00pm, at Magers & Quinn Booksellers.

Inaugural winner of the Parthenon Prize for Fiction, The Annunciations of Hank Meyerson, Mama’s Boy and Scholar establishes Scott Muskin as a truly original and exciting new voice in contemporary fiction. Hank Meyerson isn’t the whiny sort of mama’s boy. He’s more the wry, shaggy, chubby sort–an over-thinker, a ranter, and sometimes a crier. He adores Emily Dickinson. He kibitzes. He has the audacity to fall in love with his sister-in-law.

Purge by Nicole Johns is a beautifully crafted memoir that has a Girl, Interrupted feel. In this raw and engaging account of her months in rehab, Nicole Johns documents her stay in a residential treatment facility for eating disorders. Her prose is lucid and vivid, as she seamlessly switches verb tenses and moves through time. She unearths several important themes: body image and sexuality, sexual assault and relationships, and the struggle to piece together one’s path in life.

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