So Funny Te Orinar Your Pantalones

On Saturday, June 27, at 6:00pm, Bill Santiago will be at Magers & Quinn Booksellers to read from Pardon My Spanglish: One Man’s Guide to Speaking the Habla.

Breaking down el nitty gritty of how inglés and español combine spontaneously in one seamless system of communication, Santiago shares the most hilarious rules of Spanglish–selected from the thousands his haphazard research has identified so far. With crash-course efficiency, cada página de este libro empowers your every step toward Spanglish mastery. Inside you’ll learn:

  • Advanced tricks of Spanglish conjugation (“to google”: Yo googleo, tú googleas, nosotros googleamos)
  • The Top 10 Best Things About Being Latino (#6: Guaranteed part in high school production of West Side Story)
  • Why People en Español should simply be called Gente
  • The latest Spanish word to make the leap into the American English dictionary–chancla (n.): a cheap sandal that doubles as a disciplinary device in Latino households
  • ¡And mucho más!

Affirming boldly que ya es hora to think outside the taco, Pardon My Spanglish deftly denounces extremist enemies of the habla who declare death a todos los Spanglish infidels. To which Santiago responds, “¿Por qué the hate, dudes? I mean really. No es pa’ tanto.”

Details are on our events page.–David E