That Cloud Could Have an Emerald Lining

The Emerald Ash Borer killed over 30 million ash trees in southeastern Michigan. But from the loss came at least a little good. When the city of Ann Arbor needed to build a new branch libary at Traverwood, they were able to use the fallen trees in the building’s construction. And the results are beautiful.

According to the Ann Arbor District Library’s website, “[D]raft horses were brought in to remove the trees from the site, eliminating the need to damage or fall nearby trees in the removal process. … Following their removal from the site, AADL contracted Johnson Hardwoods to mill the trees for use in flooring and shelving for the Traverwood Branch. A few of the trees were left intact and used as support beams along a row of windows on the south wing of the building to dramatic effect.”

You can see more photos of the construction of the library–including the horses–here. (Thanks to The Detroit News for the tip.)–David E