Laughing with Your Mouth Full

Gary Shteyngart–author of two very funny antic novels, Absurdistan and The Russian Debutante’s Handbook–sat down for dinner with Gigantic Magazine recently to talk about meat.

“GIGANTIC: Is pastrami sexier than corned beef?

“GARY: Well, I think in the way the pepper sometimes settles around the edge of it, that’s sexy. And it looks sexier.”

They also talked about eating in public.

“GIGANTIC: So you had the tips on the drinking and dressing. Any tips for eating, for novelists?

“GARY: Anytime a novelist has food in his mouth, it’s not pretty. You ever see movie stars eat? Never. Similarly, writers should eat before going out. The pre-game eating. Unless he’s surrounded by other authors. In which case, it’s okay. We can all make a terrible scene of gigantic pork flowing out of our mouths. Writers should only drink in public. Because we need to drink, desperately. Eat in private, drink in public.”

The entire interview is funny. Do yourself a favor and read it here.–David E