When Irish Eyes Aren’t Smiling

An intelligent suspense thriller with a twist, Darling Jim follows the saga of the three alluring Walsh sisters whose lives have been destroyed by Jim, a seanchai who enraptures the people of Ireland with his macabre mythic tales. When two sisters and their aunt are found dead in their suburban Dublin home, it seems that the secret behind their untimely demise will never be known. But then Niall, a young mailman, finds a mysterious diary in the post office’s dead-letter bin. From beyond the grave, Fiona Walsh shares the most tragic love story he’s ever heard—and her tale has only just begun.

Set in the middle of a bucolic Irish countryside, Darling Jim tells a story filled with love, jealousy, deep family feuds, resentments, sexual obsession, and envy. Jim, a mysterious seanchai—an old fraternity of Irish storytellers—travels through Ireland enrapturing audiences and wooing women with his macabre mythic narratives.

Meet the author at Magers & Quinn Booksellers on Wednesday, April 29, at 7:30pm. Details are here.–David E