An All-Ages Show at M&Q

If you–or your kids–like baseball, you’ll want to join us at Magers & Quinn Booksellers at 7:30pm on Friday, April 24, for a reading by John Coy, author of the young adult novel Top of the Order. Coy’s newest novel takes readers into the hearts and minds of 5th grade boys, with plenty of baseball action that’s sure to keep even the most reluctant readers turning the pages.

Jackson’s parents are divorced and his mother has started dating. Gig’s dad is in the National Guard and has been called up to serve in the Middle East. Isaac’s dad wants him to go to a different middle school than all his friends. Diego is the new kid in school, a power-hitter who works with his family on the weekends and can’t make every team practice. These four friends lead different lives, but on the baseball field, they’re a strong team, the top of the order. In this crucial last year of elementary school, they’re faced with preparing for middle school and dealing with a new member of their team—a girl!

Details on this and all our upcoming events are on our website.–David E