What Lies Beneath

The Star Tribune ran a nice review of Greg Brick’s new book Subterranean Twin Cities. Brick is a speleologist. That’s a fancy way of saying he likes to crawl around in the caves and sewers that, it turns out, underlie much of the Twin Cities.

It sounds rough to me, but it has its rewards: “[Brick] gives us vicarious glimpses of surprisingly lovely images we will never see: the flickering shadows his candle casts on the sandbanks of St. Paul’s Fountain Cave; an abandoned milk truck, entombed for the ages, that he discovers in another St. Paul cave; the entwined earthworms that “covered the floor like spaghetti” at the bottom of Schiek’s Cave, and the view from 75 feet underground to the streets of Minneapolis, ‘light streaming through the hexagonal lid far above us.'”

Hear more when the man himself is at Magers & Quinn on April 23. Details on Brick’s reading are here.–David E

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