David Nygren tossed off an thought on Twitter: “Idea: write novel in Excel spreadsheet. Column A=action. Column B=dialog. Columns C-? for each character’s thoughts.” But online friends liked the scheme and hounded him until he actually undertook the project. He tells the story on his blog

“So I’ve done it. Here is the first draft of my short storyspreadsheet “Under the Table” (I hope I don’t need to point out the double entendre). Other formats are available at the end of the post. Read it. I swear it’s not horrible (how’s that for a blurb?).”

Readers can kibbutz by downloading the spreadsheet, making changes, and mailing it back to Nygren. Read more about the project and find the link to download “Under the Table” here. (Thanks to the New Yorker‘s Book Bench blog for the tip.)–David E