Data Privacy? Not So Much

Love the anonymity of the book world’s online behemoth? This story might encourage you to shop more locally.

Ottawa resident Michel Cuhaci bought a book through, only to find that a printer’s error meant he had a defective book. He posted a comment and forgot about the matter. That is, until the author (pictured above) tracked him down at home on Christmas Day, to deliver a replacement copy. (Details are here.)

Please know that if you buy a book from us, we will not hunt you down. We’re committed to good customer service, but we know how to keep your private information private.–David E

One thought on “Data Privacy? Not So Much

  1. Hi,I’m the author who delivered the book on Christmas, and I just want to correct the misimpression that any of Mr. Cuhaci’s “private data” was revealed to me by Amazon or anyone else. In fact, Mr. Cuhaci used the “Real Name” option in posting his review on Amazon, so there was no compromising of private data of any kind. Please understand that I am an ardent supporter of local bookstores – I just think a better tack for you to take would be “we would never sell a book missing the first 38 pages.”

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