Social Networking for Introverts

God help me, I’ve started a facebook page for Magers & Quinn. I can’t pretend to know how facebook works. I can’t even give you a direct link to the store’s page, but if you’re already a seasoned facebooker I’m sure you can find us. (Wait, is it here?) Friend us, write on our wall, and watch as a cardigan-wearing introvert bookstore employee dips his toe into the world of social networking. It should be fun.–David E

5 thoughts on “Social Networking for Introverts

  1. You can import blog posts into the M&Q facebook page, which will make it really easy for you to add content. While on the M&Q page, click Edit page –>Notes–>Add a blog (on the right), then add your RSS feed and your (delightful) daily posts will be automatically up on facebook.

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